Identify License Plates

Carrida is an easy-to-use tool made by Vision Components to automatically recognize license plates - no matter if it is for monitoring your parking lots and facilities, securing your property and also for Smart Cities. It is very easy and fast to use - simply upload an image via URL, File Chooser or Drag & Drop and get the license plate number back.

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Monitoring. Keep an eye on everything.

Use Carrida to monitor your driveways, parking lots and campuses and keep track of who is leaving or coming and which parking spot they are using.

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Security. Securing your home and office.

Secure all your facilities - check who is on your property and when they are driving past the camera. Furthermore you can be alerted (via E-Mail, SMS or something similar) if an unauthorized vehicle gets noticed by the camera.

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Smart Cities. Make your facilities support you.

Carrida allows you to turn your buildings into smart ones. For example opening gateways or barriers only for authorized cars sor automatically clock employees in & out when they are arriving or leaving.