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License Plate Recognition

On this site you can try out our CARRIDA license plate recognition tools.


This is only a demo of our CARRIDA software. The performance is not fully comprehensive.
Contact us to get a full demo of our software.

In this demo, only the World Classifier is used recognition. The reading result of individual regions can therefore be lower.
Contact us to get the classifier for your region.

How to use:
  1. Scroll down, so you can use one of the upload methods.
  2. Upload an image showing a car with a license plate.
  3. Wait a second until the request is processed.
  4. The license plate number and a close-up zoom of the license plate will be shown.

Drag and Drop an image and get started

Drag an image from your desktop on to the drop zone.

Upload an image and get started

Enter an URL to your image and get started